Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eye Candy To Get Me Through My Week

I'm back in the valley again -- staying at my folks house and working additional relief shifts.  Two more nights to go and then I finally get a break.  I'll have worked 90 hours this week, all night shifts.  

My ear is ringing like crazy and I am hoping it doesn't lead to a vestibular attack -- that would be terribly embarrassing.   This ringing may be partly my fault -- my asthma has been acting up and I therefore took some steroids.  Though steroids are often prescribed for Meniere's disease they do not seem to work for me.  Rather they make things worse (though breathing is also nice).  As it stands my hearing is shot in my left ear so I'll be angling myself towards the right all night.  *Fingers crossed* that I make it through the night without a dizzy spell.  

I can blame no one but myself for my long work week.  I took on these shifts voluntarily in an attempt to offset some expenses we've had.  Hopefully it will all pan out.  

In the meantime I did squeeze in a little fun.  For a couple of hours this afternoon my mom and I went on the local chicken coop tour (my mom kept calling the coops "huts" -- she's silly!).  We saw some nice coops and lovely gardens.  I am very much looking forward to getting home and spending a bit of time in my own garden.  In the meantime I'll enjoy the above eye candy - chickens and gardens and coops -- oh my!

And now, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.  See you on the flip side.  


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Joy Greenwolfe said...

Little houses (coops) bring out my inner child. I start fantasizing about living in a wee little space. The reality would of course not be so enjoyable, but nevertheless, I see little houses (okay, okay, I know they are coops), and squeeee!