Thursday, August 11, 2011

Standing By ...

Though summer is not over (and really has barely begun given our weather) I am looking forward to fall. Dreaming of crisp cool mornings, baking, autumn leaves, sweaters and boots.

I also find fall a time to assess and reassess. It has to do with back to school; it's a milestone or marker if you will. In my assessment I am not there yet; not quite the person I hope to be. I'd like to exercise more, eat healthier, keep a cleaner house, practice pipes daily, list daily, create daily ... so much room to improve!

I've also found myself sucked in to Pinterest. Holy moly so much to drool about. Strangely (or perhaps not) these pin boards have had a positive effect on me. Rather than pine for what I do not have I've been motivated to improve what I do have.

As such I've been spending quite a bit of time in the garden -- making new flower beds, tending my tomatoes, picking and drying lavender and generally admiring the bees. And I've been cleaning house. And exercising. Doing things that pull me away from here, from this space.

I expect I'll be back here full swing when fall does arrive. With the kids back in school I'll have more time and the weather will begin to push me indoors. In the meantime I'll continue my sporadic posts here -- noting, marking.

Thanks for standing by!


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