Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter already!!

Up until now I've been putting my head in the sand. Easter isn't coming, Easter isn't coming. Nah, nah, nah, nah. I can't hear you!

You see I was (am) scheduled to work on Sunday. And I was feeling sorry for myself. Poor me. I have to work while others are having brunch and hunting eggs and enjoying their friends and families. Boo hoo! Poor poor me!

Then, in a flash of inspiration, it occurred to me I *might* be able switch up my schedule. And indeed I could. Now instead of working the morning I am working the afternoon. This is much more amenable as I can participate in festivities before running off to make that pesky living.

With my schedule switched came the realization that Easter was nearly upon us. And I have done NOTHING to prepare. But, despite my procrastination, I couldn't bear the thought of plastic baskets full of disposable plastic junk. Additionally our finances require frugality and creativity rather than expenditure. As such I've been on a crafting binge.

First came girly baskets from an upcycled pillow case and left over fabric. I'm hoping they'll use them as lunch bags once our egg hunt is over. I'm also in the process of making these fantastic finger puppet bunnies. A tutorial can be found at Purl Bee.

Now I decided not to mortify the boy with a basket of his very own. Rather I tried to go masculine and yet stick with my crafty homemade theme. As such he will be getting a freezer paper stenciled tee shirt. I'm rather tickled with the way it turned out and am feeling quite crafty indeed. In addition the boy will get a new pair of flannel pajama pants. These pants were born from a left over sheet and are a quick and simple sewing project.

Also in the queue are these fantabulous carrot pouches which will be filled with jelly beans. Yes, some candy is warranted.

Tomorrow I hope to plant wheat grass in recycled tins (if we're lucky it'll sprout by Sunday). And tomorrow will be the night to finally dye some eggs. I've not quite figured out our strategy there but I'm sure inspiration will strike.

Now I must bid you adieu as I must go to work.

Have a fabulous day!



Joy, The Herbed Kitchen said...

I love all your little delights! I really want to be able to sew but I don't have the patience to learn on my old machine. I will be making playdough for the kids, all kinds of bright colours and sparkles! Hoping to finish a pair of leg warmers for my girl, at 5 it's not like her legs are huge. Great inspiration!

Shalet said...

Play dough is a great idea. Just make sure to keep it up if you have dogs -- the salt content is high and it can be toxic for them.

And legwarmers -- you can't go wrong with leg warmers!!

Enjoy crafting!