Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December? Already?

This season has crept up on me. Can it possibly be December? Already? Where has the time gone? Where has the year gone?

In absolute denial we put off decorating. Christmas won't come without ribbons or tags. Could it possibly come without boxes or bags? I believe you know the answer to that particular question.

Fah-who-for-aze. Dah-who-dor-aze.

Anyway last week my youngest daughter asked, "Mom? Why aren't we jolly?" referring to our lack of Christmas decor. Why indeed. Clearly decorating was in order.

In response to the six-year-old inquiry we stepped up our game. A tree was chopped down from our front yard (seriously). Here's the before shot. The tree was too large and blocking the view of our porch. Thus we killed two birds with one stone; clear the yard and procure some holiday decor.

Then we put up lights across the porch. The roof was too snowy and icy to do more. Now half the lights are not working but hey -- it's the thought that counts.

We strung popcorn and cranberries for the tree and made a few of those mushroom ornaments I've been lusting after. And I'm still loving the pine cone ornaments from several years past.

And I found the wherewithal to make Mexican Wedding Cookies. My favorite. I still have several things I hope to do -- make felted holiday acorns, bake for the neighbors, wrap presents, make a few additional gifts and, of course, get those holiday cards and dvds out (New Year's mail anyone?).

To be quite honest I'm shocked at how short a year truly is. If I am extremely lucky, I have sixty or so of these years left. How can that possibly be? The moral of the story? Enjoy each and every moment.

Now I'm off to make banana bread. Infused with chocolate chips -- of course. It's about the moments people. The moments. Enjoy!

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Msartist said...

Looks like you got a jingle in your step now! Merry Christmas to you & your family! You just have to enjoy the holiday & those small moments will be great memories for your +60yr ahead!! xo Theresa