Monday, December 14, 2009


We're back from our respite at the coast. Back to work. Back to reality. This morning my middle daughter couldn't find her math book. We went to look in her room. The room was abominable. Really and truly.

Now two large garbage bags full of junk are ready to go to the Goodwill and two additional bags are full of actual garbage. I do not understand how this mess happens in such a short period of time. If the girls' room does not stay clean I am very seriously considering canceling Christmas. My children need more junk like they need a hole in their head.

Fortunately our Christmas plans are already humble. A few homemade gifts. A few thrifted items. I will be working on Christmas day. As such the affair will be immediate family only and will pass without much pomp and circumstance.

Ah but back to the room. The one thing I love about cleaning the girls' room is finding written treasures. Today's gem was in the form of a contract. You see middle daughter wants to visit her Grandmother over spring break. She also wants to take a friend. Now of course Little Sis wants to go with them and Big Sis is not so thrilled. So Big Sis wrote up a contract and had her five-year-old sister sign it. Granted Little may not know what she was signing her name to. Somehow I doubt it would be binding in a court of law.

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Given their propensity for such documents I may have to write up my own contract regarding the condition of their room.

By not cleaning my room I, the undersigned, hearby give up all rights to happiness. I will not be able to play. I will not be permitted to watch television. I understand that under no circumstance will I have a friend sleep over. I understand that messes made by me are my responsibility to clean up. Additionally I am fully aware the condition of my room is completely under my control. I am able to change my destiny by keeping said room clean. If said room is clean I will receive an allowance. I will be permitted to cohort with my peers. I will, once again, be given the right to happiness. I, and no one else, am responsible for the condition of my room. I can not blame my brother, my sister or my parents for my mess. There may be times when I have to clean up messes made by others. I understand this is an inherent part of family life. In short I will accept responsibility for myself and my actions.

Ah if only that would work!


I do have some holiday crafts I'm eager to share. Soon, soon I'll take a few photographs and get them up online.

Happy Monday!


Tammie said...

i love the girls contract and i may steal number four and have my own almost-five-year old sign it.

Mrs. E said...

I think you've got a little lawyer in the making. I like out she had her sign each rule! : )

gayle said...

I love that contract! You definitely have to keep it!