Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nine-Year-Old Wisdom



"It would be nice if the bank didn't own our house. Because, ya know, then you wouldn't have to pay a mortgage and wouldn't have to worry about the bank taking our house."

"Don't I know it!"


Oh to be absolutely, completely and honorably debt free. That would be amazing! But then I think ... beware of The Monkey's Paw and count my blessings.


Today I am grateful for:

  • Delicious soup in a box (as compared to other things in a box).
  • The perfect costume found dirt cheap three days before a school play.
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
  • Days off work.
  • Nights where I get to sleep!
  • Later days.
  • Thrift store sweaters.
  • Hand knit sweaters in progress.
  • An email from My Pet Chicken: the chickies are coming! The chickies are coming! (estimated arrival date April 6th)
  • Pepcid AC

Please note: Though we feel broke and constantly worry about meeting our financial obligations we are not on the verge of losing our house (at least not at this moment). My middle child, however, is unfortunately tuned into the the world's economic strife. I hope, if nothing else, she learns from our generation's mistakes.



Abigail said...

Love this photograph of her! Wow! The lighting is outstanding. And the rest of the post is a good read as well. Wouldn't you know I am thankful for every one of those things as well, except I'm not getting any chickens! *sob* Enjoy them for me!

Gayle said...

What a dramatic look to this photo! She is a wise young girl. She also has a wise mom!

ELK said...

grateful is good~nice black and white of your smart 9 year old!

Amy said...

It's really interesting what kids 'tune into'. My ten year old is asking a lot of questions lately about mortgages as well. Yesterday he asked how long until we 'owned' our house outright. I think they are hearing bits and pieces of what's going on and yes, I hope they learn from our generation's mistakes.

And amen to Jon Stewart and hand knit sweaters in progress!

Anonymous said...

How very sweet of your daughter. These economic times are tough for ALL. My kids were starting to hear a lot of talk about it when they were in the classroom. A few months ago my daughter came home and said another little girl announced she was moving in with her grandma because they lost their sad!!!

Anyway, sorry for that tangent. I love Stewart and Colbert too. I find both men hot, heehee. It's the nerd in me that finds witty banter sexy. :)
Great "grateful" list.