Sunday, July 6, 2008

Falling down on the blog

Hello blog. How are you? I'm sorry I've not been around. I've been busy. We took a little vacation. And the kids are out of school.

We also have swim lessons Monday thru Thursday. We spend a good three hours at the pool. Then we come home and complain about how bored we are. So so bored. There is absolutely and totally nothing to do. We are tired and grumpy and hungry and no we don't want to eat anything in the house and no we don't want to clean our rooms and no we DO NOT WANT TO READ A BOOK!

And then, of course, there is the little matter of employment. We remain employed. We should not complain. We are lucky to have jobs. Many others are not so fortunate. We should be effervescent - Hi Ho, Hi Ho! And yet it is difficult to feel perky when the alarm starts blaring on a holiday morning. Yes, yes. Woe is me. And yes I see that. Of course I know what it is. A tiny violin. Yes, I get it. Ha, ha. Such wit. Really you astound me.

Oh and though I've also been negligent in recording it, I'm still training for a triathlon. It takes place two weeks from today. Will I be ready? I sure hope so. I need to put on my wet suit and jump in the river. I'll have to swim around the teenie boppers floating on their rafts; string bikinis struggling to cover their adolescent flesh. Hopefully these lacksidazical youth won't bludgen me thinking Nessie has come to America.

So, dear blog, you've been ignored as has flickr. I am an equal opportunity ignorer. Don't take it personally. I'll be back soon. I promise.

All my love, Me


Honorary Indian said...

WHOO HOO! Welcome back to blogland! At least you're an equal opportunity neglect-or.

And, consider ME your front row cheerleader for the triathlon!!!

Go ahead and jump in the river with those bikini-clad teenagers. And, swim past them with a vengeance. You are stronger than they are. You are wiser than they are.

And, you are gonna be a TRIATHLETE before they even know how to spell the darn word.


Bridge said...

I've been missing you! Muah!
Here's to the wonderful business of summer.

earthmama said...

"string bikinis struggling to cover their adolescent flesh."

Boy, you sure can turn a phrase! Great line ; )