Friday, December 20, 2013

One Direction (They're So Dreamy) -- An Update on our Concert Fantasies

For those who need catching up see the post here.  In addition to the first set of tickets (4th row!) two nosebleed seats have been purchased for the chaperone and her ten-year-old companion (aka me and Little).  These additional tickets were purchased with cash as no further credit is being extended.  The money came from two sources:  babysitting money and cash for goods sold.  Also the first credit card payment was made (interest plus 1% of the balance).  Thus far the girls are on track to see One Direction in September.  Of course they have a long way to go. 

Here are their financials thus far: 

The Quest for One Direction

Concert debt:
$243.10 -- second set of tickets
$1252.50 -- first set of tickets
$1495.60 total expense

$196.00 Chloe
$90.00 Lily
Total: $286.00

- $286.00 (this covers the second set of ticket for chaperone and companion ($243.10),
as well as, the first credit card payment ($42.90).

Total remaining: $1209.60

The girls figure their total expenses will be somewhere around $4000.00.  This includes concert tickets, airfare for four, hotel, meals and incidentals.  


It's interesting the feedback I've gotten on this project (some positive and some not so much).  One friend pointed out that with a traditional after school job the girls couldn't even begin to hope to earn enough money for the trip.  My friend is right.They won't earn enough money without thinking outside the box. And that's just what I'm hoping they'll do.  After all the the power of the young mind is amazing (let alone two minds together).  

I have no idea what will transpire.  But I have to tell you -- I'm eager to see what comes.  All too often we give kids a hard time for their mistakes and forget to celebrate their achievements.  

And I'll leave you with this. One Direction's #1 Fan: 


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