Friday, April 19, 2013

Who do you want to be?

I'm struggling to express how I feel right now.  The suspects in the Boston bombing have been caught.  But I'm not cheering in the streets.  I am not jubilant.  More than anything I am sad.  Sad for these men (boys really) who went so far astray.  Sad for the people they hurt.  Sad for our country and our world.  And I am, once again, resolved to do what I can.

We *all* need to spread peace and happiness, love and joy.  Each and every day.  Next time you're angry, pissed off and ready to snap -- stop and think.   Because you know what?  That belligerent guy on the phone -- the one cursing at you?  Turns out he's not really angry.  He's not angry but he is scared. He feels like a little boy trapped inside a man's body and what he really needs, more than anything, is a hug.

And those people who broke into your car and destroyed your stereo?  Perhaps they were hungry. Or addicted to meth.  Or schizophrenic and off their medication.  No matter the reason they were not in a good place to be breaking into cars.  They need light and love.

And that woman who cut you off in traffic?  Maybe she was worried about her Dad who was just hospitalized. Or maybe she was your co-worker who thought you should move over and you, in your own daze, didn't.  But guess what?  You didn't run into her and she didn't run into you.  So the minute she cut you off was the minute the incident was over.  No need for anger. No need to dwell.

And what about that guy who flashed our kids inside the school?  Turns out he did us a favor.  He showed us our flaws. Our children are safer for his misguided actions.

Maybe I'm just a silver-lining kind of girl.  Someone who looks for rainbows through the storm.  But I believe we have the power to positively change the world one interaction at a time.  Of course, with each interaction, we can also perpetuate hatred, anger and negativity.  So, before you act, stop and think.  What do you want to put out in the world?



Tammie said...

THANK YOU!!! You said basically what im feeling.

i hate what those young men did. it was despicable and awful and horrible in every way. but they are (were?) still someones boys, someones sons. when people cheered when the second suspect was taken into custody, i wasnt cheering, i was sad. that's some mothers baby.( that young man is only FOUR years older than my son. )

its been a long, horrible week no matter how you look at it. im glad the worst of it is over, but i dont feel like celebrating.

Tammie said...

and in answer to your question.....i want to be BETTER, always and forever.

keishua said...

i want to put out love and sunshine. it might seem pollyannaish but there is so much darkness. i don't think the answer is to run away but to counter.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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