Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Want to Spread Exponential Joy

This morning I dropped my youngest daughter off at school.  It's her week to be the "star" and we made a poster all about her.  I felt incredibly privileged to work on that project.  We picked out photographs and talked about her favorite things.  Her favorite color is blue and Mew Mew is her favorite kitty.  She *loves* the picture of her dad laughing and drinking coffee.  Believe you me I hugged that girl and held her tight.

This morning, as I dropped her off,  I gave her another big hug then quickly turned away.  You see I started to cry. I've been doing that a lot these past few days.  I can't help myself.  My heart aches for our country and our world.

I adore my daughter's school.  It's old and has big bright windows and sweet little drinking fountains.  The halls are full of laughter and projects and joy.  I simply can't imagine.

What is the solution?  I could not tell you.  Clearly the young man needed help.  Clearly he should not have had access to such weapons.  There will be much debate over what to do and how to do it.

What I do know is I am responsible for myself and the lives of my children.  And I believe there is good in this world, a lot of it.  I believe in paying it forward and I believe in karma.  I believe small people can do big things.

So Friday afternoon we started a personal campaign.  A campaign to infuse goodness back into this world. The kids and I bought and gave a gift to Operation Elf.  We donated to a 4-H club.   We bought toys for the pets at the humane society and we made a KIVA loan.

This morning I got coffee on my way home.  I also bought coffee gift cards.  We are going to randomly distribute them this afternoon.    We are going to write and deliver notes of love and encouragement (we've done this before and it made a big impression on my girls).  We are going to make snowflakes for Sandy Hook.  We are going to knit hats and give them away.  We are going to yarn bomb something.

Essentially we are going to make sure light and joy and goodness remain.  Not only do we want it to remain.  We want it to be seen.  We want it to be infectious.  We want to spread exponential joy.

Middle has pledged to do one good deed for each day of 2013.  Imagine if we all did that?  365 days; each an opportunity to make this world just a bit brighter.

Am I naive?  Perhaps.  But I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to give up hope.

I hope you feel the same.  



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