Monday, November 26, 2012

Peculiar Stories: Mail

I just finished reading "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.   It's a fable really, a fairytale, full of dark and light and magic and love.   And it was just right.  I was in a place where I was ready to be carried away.  To be taken to a fantasy land.  And a circus at night?  Even better.  Perfect for those long and lonely shifts at work.  I highly recommend this book should you have a propensity for reading and even if you do not.

As I am wont to do, once finished with the book, I went to explore the author's website.  And to read her blog.  She has these amazing little snippets -- Flax Golden Tales.  They are ten sentence stories written to accompany a photograph. The tales are a collaborative work as the photographs are taken by Carey Farrell.

Ack!  Now I find myself inspired to do the same though I know I can not limit myself to a mere ten sentences (although today, somehow, I managed it).  I'm an avid photographer and thus the photos will be my own.

Without further adieu I present to you the first of my new series; Peculiar Stories.  I will not promise them on a time table as for now I am simply playing.

This particular story is dedicated to The Night Circus with its black and white and red.

*** *** ***

The piazza was empty save him and I and the gruff woman who’d come to open the Tabacchi.  Soon the sun would be up and the square would fill with tourists.  They’d push and shove, elbowing each other for a chance to see an ancient building that wasn’t going anywhere. 

But he wouldn’t be there when push came to shove.  He’d have already been and seen and would've disappeared with the rising sun.   

“Please, don’t go.” I begged.  But I knew it was inevitable.  

“Write to me.” he said. 

“Where?” I asked.  

“You’ll know.” he replied and turned and walked away.  

*** *** ***

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