Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you give a Mama a vacation ...

If you give a Mama a vacation, she'll want a clean house to go with it.

So, she'll finish her craft room floor and move the table from the living room.  She'll also realize she needs storage. She'll buy a Craigslist armoire and paint it a pretty blue.

Painting will get her in the mood for more craft projects.  So she'll buy an old picture frame and turn it into a chalkboard.  She'll place the chalkboard at the top of the stairs.

While going up and down the stairs she'll become disgusted with the carpet. She'll rip the carpet from the stairs and pull some of the baseboards too.

She'll realize ripping up carpet is freeing and will also pull the carpet in her bedroom.  When she walks on the plywood floor she'll realize it's not acceptable.  So she'll paper the floor.

While papering near the bathroom she'll notice holes in the wall. So she'll go to the Habitat Store and buy a shutter.  She'll also buy some knobs.  Then she'll build a towel rack to cover up the holes.

Going in and out of the bedroom she'll realize her bed needs sprucing.  She'll go to Costco and buy two sets of flannel sheets.  She'll decide to sew a duvet. While in the craft room sewing the duvet she'll remember she has yet to finish the stairs ...



Kelly said...

hahaha, get out of my head! I'm so happy to read I am not the only one!!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

heheheh I love it!

Theresa said...

And then she will go back to work to have a rest! :)

I desperately want to rip up our stained,nasty, disgusting, embarrassing 13 year old cream carpeting in our basement, but I will send my husband over the edge. Still tempted. I would rather concrete floors than stained carpets.

Love how you papered your floors. Very creative.