Friday, August 31, 2012

My dear sweet precious children

My dear sweet precious children.  Before you were born I had such dreams, such fantasies of what our life would be like.  Reading and snuggling, long walks while holding hands.  Hugs and kisses and joy and laughter.  If only I had known how limited my imagination was!  You, my lovelies, take me to such heights.

This morning for instance.  I came home after working all night with one thought on my mind.  Coffee.  But you, oh you precious souls, you knew I needed more.  Craved more.  Demanded more.

What I needed was an obstacle course. And you, sweet things,  gave it to me. The coffee pot tucked away -- so far out of reach behind dried rice, soy sauce, peanut butter, crusty tortillas and that unidentifiable sticky substance. How did you know that what I wanted most in the world was to come home to a filthy kitchen?  I do believe every dish had been pulled from the shelves.  The aftermath a congealed crusty sticky mess.  There's nothing like several loads of dishes to get the blood flowing after a long night's work!

And then the living room.  The pillows and blankets tossed carelessly on the floor.  Even more dishes (who knew we had so many) piled on the table.  Fur and feathers swirling about. My favorite sweater no longer in the drier but on the floor and stomped on to boot.

No.  I didn't really want to sit down and relax.  I had no interest in putting my feet up.  Perhaps reading or knitting. No, What I really wanted, secretly, deep down was to clean the living room.  I mean what  better follow-up to the kitchen?  Oh how you spoil me!   I feel all warm inside and something is bubbling up from within.  This *must* be love.

And when you wake, hours from now, after sleeping the whole night through.  When you wake and complain of fatigue and tiredness oh how I will sympathize.  After all I know what it feels like to be tired.

And when you list your daily demands, telling me the places I need to take you and the things I need to buy for you I'm sure I'll hup right to it.   After all we need more clothing to hide the floor and more makeup to disguise the bathroom counters.  And who is more deserving than you?

So thank you, dear sweet children, for all these gifts today.  My only hope is that your children are as generous as you.



Amy said...

Perfection! Love it!

binnybarry said...

I really needed this! Not many people write about the selfish, lazy and self obsessed side to their children but this is something I can truly relate to. Of course our children are also wonderful, helpful and kind at times aswell but it's refreshing to hear about this side. Well done and thank you x

Theresa said...

Oh I so relate. There is nothing I enjoy so much as coming home at 11:30p.m and cleaning the kitchen and livingroom. I leave it clean and come home to something to clean. Life is grand!

lily boot said...

oh this is priceless! I love it! I laughed and laughed - and so refreshing to read such a wholesome and real account of life with our older children. Hope you managed to have a BIT of a break!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!
what a great rant!
You are brilliant!