Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everything's a buzz

Well the ringing in my ear is back.  I knew it would be though I thoroughly enjoyed my two month respite.  We've had some odd weather, quite a bit of rain, and I can't help but wonder if it's related.  I just might be a walking weather gauge.  Who needs weathermen when you have Meniere's.

The ringing (which correlates with concurrent deafness) often precedes a bout of vertigo.  My left ear has been ringing for a solid week now and I've been walking around on pins and needles.  Vertigo is rather incapacitating and I have no idea when or where it might happen.  Thankfully I worked the weekend without incident.

I'm much happier at home because, if needed,  I can stop what I'm doing and lay down.  This is more challenging when a I have a sick animal in need of care.  But, even at home,  there are things to be done.

As such I've been running around like a crazy person trying to accomplish all I need to before the vertigo hits.  Today that meant yard work.

This morning the weather was truly gorgeous.  I tackled some weeding then decided I'd better check on my bee hive.  I'd not gotten into the hive since a put a candy board down last November.  They've been out flying on all good weather days so I wasn't too worried about them.  But last November I decreased their hive to one hive body and I wanted to make sure they had enough room and enough food.

My bees are definitely finding pollen -- all the workers are coming home with their legs laden with yellow.   Can you see the yellow tufts in the photo?  Pretty cool 'eh?

All appears to be well in the hive.  I did not see the queen but saw some larvae (which is just as good).  

They still had some sugar left on the top insulation board so I decided to leave it for them to munch on.  Plus I figure they might appreciate the additional insulation.  Despite today's 60 degree weather it will only be 18 degrees F tonight.  

I did add an additional 10 frame hive body (giving them two total) so that they have plenty of room and *hopefully* won't think about swarming.  

I'm so pleased these bees over-wintered well and hope to get some honey from them this year.  I've also gone and ordered a second set of bees which should arrive sometime this month.  My second hive is sitting ever so patiently in my living room waiting to be assembled and painted.  I think I'll tackle that project tomorrow; assuming I'm standing.   

So yes -- everything is a buzz; the bees and my ear alike.  It might truly be spring.  


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