Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peculiar with a Side of Quirky

Here's a little factoid. I have an aversion to odd numbers. Five is the exception; it is a tidy little number that falls halfway between any two sets of ten. Therefore five is an even number by proxy.

While driving the climate control must be set appropriately; 68, 70, 72 or 74. When my children have a death wish they change the temperature to 73. I will swerve into on-coming traffic to correct this egregious error.

You will also find that, whenever possible, I carry an even number of items in my Etsy shop. (Note to self: list additional item.)

Now I have no control over some things such as days of the month. Therefore I am okay with a day like today. One. The first. It is what it is and I can accept that. I can move on with my life.

However my Facebook Fan Page is a completely different story. 31 of my friends like my page. Thirty-one! Why oh why couldn't it be 32? In addition I currently have 89 people who "like" the page. Again with the odd numbers! It's like fingernails on the chalkboard, my spine tingles, my hair prickles and I feel discombobulated. Yes. Yes. I am an odd duck.

Why tell you this? Because you, each and every one of you, make my day brighter. And I don't want to lose friends to satisfy my number fetish. But -- I would *love* to gain new friends. So if you know anyone who would like to join our circle, and add to the "evenness" of my page, please invite them in. How about a perfect round 100 at our party? How fantastic would that be?!!

In fact I do think a party is in order. Hmmm! I feel a giveaway coming on when that magic 100 is reached.

In the meantime please tell me I'm not alone in my idiosyncratic ways. I can't possibly be the only one. Can I?

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊


Gayle said...

Shalet, if I was still on Facebook, I would be a fan of your page. Hope you get to an even number soon!

Robin Norgren said...

very fun to read (I am ALREADY a fan!) ;)

Anonymous said...

I "fixed" it for you and became the 90th person to "like" your page. But I take no responsibility for who come next and mucks up the works! :)


Shalet said...

Thank you so much! You don't even know how happy you've made me!!!

victoria said...

hmmmm ... Instead, I think you may be an even duck. ;-)