Monday, June 1, 2009

Bench Monday!

Today we moved the chickens outside.  Today is also Bench Monday and it is raining.  The chickens did not want to cooperate with my photo shoot.  I was worried about water-logging my camera and therefore added my own feathered friends.  Yes I'm taking liberties and no I'm not wearing something cute.  But I did put a cupcake on my derierre (quite fitting actually)!

Next sunny Monday I'll do better - promise.  (I did do better - go here to see!)

Here's our coop tucked in the yard.  It still needs a few details but is mostly done.  The chicken girls seemed quite happy to move out of the garage.  

And, of course, this song is stuck in my head what the rain and Monday.   I dare you to click the link ... I need someone else to suffer with me as I can't STOP singing this!  *Insert evil cackle and smily emoticon :o)*

Happy Bench Monday!


elk said...

i always have songs in my head...your bench post is crazy, in a fun your post today!

Gayle said...

Aaaahhh, you got the song stuck in my head and I didn't even need to click on it! I'm glad the chickens are in their coop now!

Jessica @ May the Beauty said...

love the chicken coop. Jealous!!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I love the cheery color of your chicken coop! I especially like the roof! How fun!

I would have a coop in a heartbeat if we were zoned for chickens!